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Think Pink with Rosy Tiles

Pureza Mosaica
2020-08-31 12:36:03

Pink tiles are making a comeback! This warm and cheery hue can add a vintage aesthetic to modern homes, sweeten your shabby chic style, or soften a minimalist design. Gorgeous Geometry Tiles don't just come in rectangular or square shapes! We have whole collections of triangles, rhomboids, and hexagons with which you can create dramatic floors and stunning patterns. Throw pink in the mix and you can cultivate a retro vibe or add warmth to cool tones or neutrals. Punchy Pink Patterns Patterned tiles will create a bold and jazzy feature wall. By themselves, they create an interesting texture, or you can use them as little pops of color and pattern. Intricate, Elegant Murals Our mural company Stone Impressions is no stranger to unique colors and exotic motifs. Their stunning pink florals can be custom-printed on a variety of stone types and sizes.